A Master Jedi crossed Indica-hybrid. Urbols Cosmo has the distinct musky aroma typical of all kush strains, and a sweet lemony citrus aftertaste. It bears Urbols' signiture nodey bulbs, smooth taste and clean finish making it a top-shelf flower that is great for easing anxiety, insomnia and have reduce pain . THC %


A high potency indica-dominant hybrid. Urbols SkyOG is charaterized by a dense bulbus structure, strong floral aroma and a velvety smooth taste with a clean finish. Skywalker makes for a great medicine that induces pleasant mellow moods, promotes restful sleep and increases appetite.


Urbols HiFi Jack is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Deriving from the Jack Herer Strain that is recognized as medical-grade in the Netherlands. This spicy, pine-scented sativa has been described by many as blissful, clear-headed, and creative - a "morning medicine" for some.